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Custom Curtain Wall

Product Fixed Window
Brand Westhampton Architectural Glass

Custom Curtain Wall

Designed and Developed by Westhampton Architectural Glass

Westhampton Architectural Glass has developed a unique thin line curtain wall system that is innovative from the standpoint of aesthetics, fabrication, and installation. Aesthetically, the back member is angled, creating only a 1 ¼” sightline on the interior, while the exterior is structurally glazed to eliminate the need for caps. Fabrication is simplified using custom pulled extrusions with screw splines for easy assembly and glass is structurally adhered to curtain wall members using structural tape applied under pressure with a vacuum table. Completed shop glazed panels are then installed between ½” steel bars and bolted together, making the system unitized to cut down installation time.

Panels have been hurricane tested for glass up to 82” x 137”, and back members or insert steel can be modified to accommodate larger vertical spans or integral doors and windows. Extrusions can be custom painted or anodized to match any color and glass options are unlimited using any tint, coating, frit, or laminate available in the market.

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