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AWS 57

Product Skylight
Brand Schuco


The highest levels of energy efficiency and a wide variety of design options – also for large-scale roof glazing, Schüco AWS 57 RO “roof window” is a thermally insulated top-hung vent insert unit for use in pitched roofs with a pitch in excess of 7°.

With two thermal insulation standards, outer frames of different heights and attractive design options, the Schüco Roof Window AWS 57 RO can be used almost anywhere – including in the building automation system. It provides proven system reliability in sophisticated skylight constructions with the Schüco mullion/transom façades and Schüco add-on constructions as well as in combination with the Schüco conservatory system.

Design features

  • The thermally insulated outer frame is fixed into the glazing rebate of the skylight construction.
  • The frame edges are joined using precision-fit corner cleats.
  • The insert unit must be designed with a “high” outer frame and thermal insulation.
  • The vent frame must be designed with a visible screw fixing / flat seal and U-shaped frame.
  • Drainage is via the outer chamber directly on the roof level. The vapor pressure is equalized via the glazing rebate base in the transom rebate of the roof construction.
  • The vent frames are sealed by means of an external, an internal and an additional centre weatherstrip level.
  • Standard glazing from 26-48 mm can be used. The rebate area is completely covered by an externally bevelled glazing pressure plate on both sides.
  • Hinges from the system are concealed and fixed in place by means of sliding blocks. Opening angles of up to 90° are possible.
  • The concealed chain actuators for operating the vents are described separately.

Product Description & Benefits

  • Two standards of thermal insulation and two outer frame heights offer great flexibility of use
  • Different design options available: with concealed or visible vent frame screw fixing; trapezoidal shapes also possible
  • Can be operated manually or electrically, with a linear or chain actuator
    Standard applications and NSHEVS systems can be integrated completely in the building management system
  • Can be used for Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems (NSHEVS) in accordance with EN 12101-2
  • With special chain actuator, burglar resistance tested to RC 2
Enhanced function
  • Flat sill with stepped insulating glazing: good water run-off and high self-cleaning effect
  • Different glazing options depending on the design: e.g. special and stepping insulating glass, walk-on glazing or with solar shading installed in the spaces between the panes
  • Opening angle up to 90° possible, width and height up to 2100 mm, maximum surface area = 2.73 m² (larger sizes on request), maximum weight = 120 kg, roof pitch from 7° to 75° (roof pitches < 7° or > 75° on request)


Technical data

  • Glass thicknesses of: 26-48 mm
  • Maximum width: 2.1 m
  • Maximum height: 2.1 m
  • Maximum unit size: 2.73 m²
  • Maximum vent weight: 120 kg
  • Opening angle: Up to 90°
  • Roof pitch range: 7° to 75°


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