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WHAG Custom

Product Skylight
Brand Westhampton Architectural Glass

WHAG Custom Skylight

Designed and Developed by Westhampton Architectural Glass

The WHAG SK-44 custom skylight system was developed to be able to accommodate most simple design skylight applications, installed on contractor-provided roof curbs.

Configurations can be single or multiple bay and with top caps or structurally glazed. Stock finishes are clear or bronze anodized, with custom painting optional. Any glass infill is possible since each skylight is custom made to size and all glass is provided by WHAG.

Product Specifications & Features

Size: Maximum panel size is based on the charts available to download below, taking into account load and spacing.

Thermally Broken: Exterior components are thermally separated from interior components, and rigid insulation can be added under the cladding for enhanced performance.

High Performance Glass: Since all glass is custom ordered for each job, any makeup is possible, including high performance coatings to achieve desired u-values and SHGC, tinted or reflective glass for sun control, or fritted glass to minimize glare.


  • Single bay
  • Multiple bay
  • Shaped bay

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