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Brand Arcadia

Arcadia ULT6920

Thermal Aluminum Sliding Door
Custom Multi-Slide Door

The ULT6920 Large Format Multi-Slide Door is designed for large format door panels and large glass sizes. Monumental sliding doors accommodate 1 3/4” triple-glazed glass, for improved energy performance and larger glass sizes.

Product Specifications & Features


Individual door panel sizes up to 8’ wide,14’ tall, with individual glass not to exceed 96 sq. ft.; glass type may restrict door panel size

Thermally Broken

Door panels and frames for improved energy performance

High Performance Glass

Standard 1” dual-glazed, Low-E glass; or optional 1 3/4” triple-glazed glass

Frame Depth

3” per door; i.e., three door panels will equal an 9” total track width


Stainless steel lock; 2” diameter, 4-wheel, marine-grade, stainless steel precision bearing rollers


Marine-grade, non-corrosive stainless steel for optimum EZ-gliding performance


Multi-Slide Doors can be configured as a standard wall jamb or pocket sliding door system with almost any number of sliding door panels. They can also be configured as a 90-degree corner door or any other custom degree angular door configuration.

Glass Stop & Muntin Options

Use muntins to create interest or fit particular architectural designs. Our ULT6920 can be ordered with custom grid patterns in either SDL or TDL options.

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