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ASE 60/80 HI

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Aluminum Sliding System

New living and lifestyle requirements demand clever and creative solutions. Unrestricted ease of access, maximum comfort and a puristic design need not be a contradiction. The new generation of Schüco ASE 60/80 sliding systems enable almost any choice of individual configuration.

Outstanding design combined with optimal thermal insulation

Schüco is opening up many new dimensions with the new Aluminum Sliding Elements ASE 60/80. The profile systems with their optimized insulation zones offer significantly improved thermal insulation properties in all basic depths, even up to passive house level (with the basic depth of 3-1/8” (80 mm). Further, all system versions – single, double and triple track – are based on multifunctional profiles, which allow optimal use of identical parts.

The fittings system, which is also modular, can be used as both sliding and lift-and-slide fittings: apart from a few expectations, all the components are identical. An expanded range of sizes, slim line profile constructions and solutions complement the forward-looking thermal insulation, thereby fulfilling countless architectural design options. The fittings’ components are covered by a cover profile, ensuring that the straight design is maintained even when the vent is open. A central fittings groove guarantees optimal distribution of the glass weight and thereby quiet operation. Narrow vent profiles with a face width from just 3-1/4” (82 mm).

The narrow face widths and the option of level thresholds make the new Schüco Sliding Elements unique in terms of form, design and user comfort. Moreover, the concealed fittings groove means that technical components, such as fittings or insulating foams, are no longer visible.

Vent weights of up to 1300 lb (500 kg) are now possible, with vents available in both internally and externally running configurations. The travel range of the sliding system has also been maximized up to approximately 59’ 11/16” (18 m). The new system permits extremely simple cabling and assembly without the need for a cable link connector between the vent frame and outer frame.

The aluminum outer frame with thermal break, roller profiles made from folded stainless steel with specific surface design reduces friction for particularly quiet operation. An integrated, continuous cover strap on the insides of the coupling profiles covers the fixing screws with a uniform appearance. Three sealing levels exist in the center area for a reliable sealing function.

The center gaskets in the magnetic design ensure reliable gasket pressure, even with increased wind loads. The transparency can be increased even more by means of the optional narrow interlock piece with a face width of just 1-9/16” (40 mm).

The Schüco ASE 80.HI sliding and lift-and-slide system combines the benefits of aluminum with pioneering thermal insulation to passive house standard for sustainable architecture. This generation allows for increased vent weights and larger formats, coupled with design and convenience.

The new Schüco ASE 60 sliding and lift-and-slide system boasts excellent thermal insulation values and represents a comprehensive solution in terms of design and comfort. It allows for individual requirements to be incorporated into large-scale units.

Product Benefits

  • Single, double and triple track options with basic frame depths ranging from 5-1/2” (140 mm) to 11” (280 mm)
  • Modularity of the scalable profile system ensures high level of flexibility when it comes to thermal insulation
  • Concealed fittings groove without visible components provide a clear and elegant look
  • Multi-functional components shorten fabrication time
  • Vent frame: ASE 60 = 2-3/8” (60 mm), ASE 80 = 3-1/8” (80 mm)
  • Additional functions: Easy access with a convenient level threshold in the lift-and-slide fittings type that creates a particularly flat connection between the interior and exterior
  • Narrow interlock piece is available with a face width of just 1-9/16” (40 mm) and can increase transparency even more
  • Support spring reduces operating forces for lifting the moving vent and increased comfort
  • Handle damper gently dampens the lowering of the moving
    vent and the movement of the operating handle


Technical Data

Maximum Vent Dimensions

ASE 60: 137” x 126” (3500 mm x 3200 mm)
ASE 80: 125” x 137” (3200 mm x 3500 mm)

Maximum Weight

Up to 1300 lb (500 kg)

Glass Thickness

ASE 60: 15/16”-1-9/16” (24 mm – 40 mm)
ASE 80: 1-1/16”-2-3/8” (36 mm – 60 mm)

Water Tightness

12 psf (XO, XX)

AMMA Rating

AW-PG 60 (XO, XX)


Sliding, Lift-and-Slide

Thermal Performance*

0.24 Btu/hr-ft2/-°F


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