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ASS 77

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Brand Schüco


Aluminum Sliding System

Cutting-edge material and coating technologies enable sliding systems with maximum thermal insulation and transparency.

ASS 77 PD (Panorama Design)

With narrow face widths and a concealed outer frame, the ASS 77 PD (Panorama Design) system creates maximum transparency. It can either be operated manually or with electronic control. The whole system offers flexibility and reliability in planning, fabrication and installation. The ASS 77 PD sliding system has been awarded the Swiss Minergie certificate.

The panoramic design of the Schüco ASS 77 PD sliding system is distinguished by its minimal profile face widths from 37 mm in the interlock section and an outer frame and vent frame concealed in the attachment to building structure. The system not only looks good, it also meets the highest requirements in terms of ease of use and security. Automatic drive and lock technology integrated in the profile maximizes user comfort. A high level of security is provided by the integrated finger-trap protection and the infrared light curtains embedded in the ceiling for monitoring the entrance area. The intelligent sensor technology ensures maximum comfort and security to resistance class 4.

ASS 77 PD.SI (Super Insulation)

The Schüco Sliding System ASS 77 PD.SI (Super Insulation) is based on profiles made from pultruded, glass fiber-reinforced plastic and, thanks to state-of-the-art material and coating technologies, offers outstanding thermal insulation from Uw = 0.84 W/(m2K). The glass fiber-reinforced plastic profiles are processed and coated in series by Schüco. The advantage for the fabricator is that no additional investments in machinery are necessary.

The Schüco Aluminum Sliding System ASS 77 PD.HI is easy to operate, has almost limitless design options and provides the highest level of transparency. A highly effective combination of aluminum and various types of thermal breaks provide superb thermal insulation.

The advanced manually operated Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI sets new standards with an integrated, vent-height pull grip. In this way, the sliding system is not only easier to operate, it also has an attractive vent design.

Further innovations include the manual opening types with 90° corner without mullion and with a locking point in the double vent. An adjustment device for the subsequent adjustment of the outer frame is also available, whereby the adjustment screws can be reached through the outer frame at any time. This is a great benefit with ceiling deflections, for example.

With the Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI, large sliding systems can be created with maximum transparency and light penetration. The large glazed panoramic system offers almost unlimited design options.

Product Features

  • Floor-to-ceiling glazing with maximum transparency allows as much light as possible to enter due to face width from just 1-3/8” (35 mm) in the interior interlock section and a concealed outer frame
  • Wide choices of styles for design freedom• Asymmetrical subdivision of leaves
  • The outer frame height of just 3-9/16” (90 mm) at the jambs and sill allows integration in the building structure even with a limited projection
  • Integrated vent-height pull grip for a high level of user comfort and attractive vent design, also available as lockable version
  • Installation of outer frame in existing buildings with limited floor installation height
  • Software supported calculation of asymmetrical units and modular solutions: simple, flexible design of the opening types
  • Multiple fabrication benefits


Technical Details

Maximum Dimensions

126″ x 118″ (3200 mm x 3000 mm)

Maximum Vent Weight

1100 lb (500 kg)

Glass Thickness

13/16” – 1-15/16” (20 mm – 50 mm)

Water Tightness

8 psf (383 Pa) double track (XO, XX)

AMMA Rating

CW-PG 40 double track (XO, XX)


Sliding only

Thermal Performance*

0.38 Btu/hr-ft2/-°F


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